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Peeping Janes


5th June 2021

CirkUFF Festival, Trutnov

Prague premiere

16th August 2021

Letní Letná Festival, Prague


27th November 2022

NoD, Prague

Every woman is a mom or a future mom. Like, really?


3 movement laboratories. 3 choreographers. 1 director. Up to 15 performers.


Peeping Janes is an experimental performance which fuses elements of contemporary circus, dance and physical theater, and features aerial acrobatics on a suspended rope mesh. It explores the contrast between expectations and reality.



Lucie Kocourková
Opera plus

"It is definitely a step in a direction that testifies to the fact that Czech contemporary circus has been soundly infected with dramatic qualities and aspires to do more than just entertain - to tell stories about people's problems and worries and to become a genre that brings not only amusement and relief but also a catharsis."

Lucie Štádlerová

"The show is replete with humorous situations which emerge from authentic movement and expression. Peeping Janes is an acrobatic humorous story about the daily pains and pleasures of motherhood."

Kateřina Korychová
Taneční zona

"It seems the experiment worked perfectly with me. I still can't get rid of my sequence of associations that goes 600 pink balls - pink happiness - 600 pink painkiller pills."

Hanka Strejčková
Divadlení noviny

"This relevant and innovative spectacle created with choreographer Martina Hajdyla Lacová at the helm thus guarantees to make every show a little different thanks to the participation of children of various ages."


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